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How to reset Vtech baby monitor parent unit

VTech Baby Monitor Parent Unit is a smart home baby monitor that allows parents to remotely check in on their baby using their smartphone or computer. To improve warranty support and get the latest VTech product news, visit VTech to register your VTech baby monitor.

One question parents ask most is how to reset VTech baby monitor parent unit? The simple answer is you can reset the parent unit by pressing the reset button for 5 to 10 seconds on the back of the unit and using a pin to put it in place.

In this guide, I will discuss issues of different VTech baby monitor models, like losing signal and unlinking, and provide their solutions. I will also discuss how to reset VTech vm5251, rm5764, rm5752, and rm5754hd baby monitors.

Where is the reset button on the VTech baby monitor?

The reset button of the VTech baby monitor is usually on the backside of the monitor. When you want to reset your parent unit, use a pin and put it into the hole on its back. Press the button inside the parent unit and hold it down until you hear a beeping noise.

How to reset the VTech baby monitor camera?

Find the Pair button on the front:

  1. Press and keep for 3 seconds to enter pairing mode (or use the button on the back).
  2. Press and hold the power button for 20 seconds to reset your camera settings to the factory default.

How to reset VTech baby monitor vm5251?

To pair the device, press and keep for 3 seconds. Then, press and hold for 20 seconds to reset the monitor.

How do I reset the VTech rm5764 baby monitor?

  1. Press and hold the PAIR key until you see a beeping sound to turn off Wi-Fi.
  2. Press the PAIR key, release it, and press it five times until you hear a beeping sound.
  3. Whenever the baby unit sounds an alarm, the baby unit will automatically turn off and reboot itself.

How to reset VTech baby monitor rm5752?

Press and hold for three seconds to enter pairing mode. To turn off the camera settings, press and hold the shutter button for at least 20 seconds.

How do I reset my VTech rm5754hd?

Press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds to enter pairing mode. Reset the Baby Unit back to factory default settings.

  • Hold down the PAIR key until you hear the beeping noise.
  • Press the PAIR key once, release it, and then press it five times until you see another beep sound.
  • When the reset is complete, the baby unit will sound another tone which indicates that the system has been restarted. Then, the baby units will reboot.

Why does my VTech baby monitor keep beeping?

  • The baby units may need to be moved closer together. Try moving them closer but not too close.
  • The parent unit may be running out of power. If so, charge the battery in the parent device until the battery icon fills up.
  • Your baby’s room temperature may be too hot or too cold.

How do I get my VTech baby monitor off night mode?

To Turn on and off the night vision of the VTech baby monitor for models RM5752 / 5762 / 5762-2. The baby unit has LEDs that allow you to view your baby clearly during the day or night. 

  • Go to Camera Settings.
  • To turn night vision on, press to set it on.
  • To turn night vision off, press to set it off.

Why does my VTech Baby Monitor keep losing signal?

If there is any chance that the device is interfering with the signals from your baby monitor, check the signal strength on the parent unit monitor when in the room where you’re having trouble connecting. You have to stop interference with baby monitor.

Why does my baby monitor keep unlinking?

A digital baby monitor won’t interfere with anything else nearby if you’re not near any radio waves. However, they might interfere if any devices operate on the same frequency band like 2.4GHz or channel. Some common examples are cell phones, Wi-Fi routers, microwave ovens, and stereo speakers.

Can my VTech baby monitor be hacked?

Many baby monitors are hackable, but the type of monitor you use will significantly affect how difficult it is for a hacker. Internet-connected, Wi-Fi-enabled baby monitors are vulnerable to hackers anywhere on Earth, and you don’t want to leave them unsecured in your child’s room.

Why will my VTech baby monitor not turn on?

If either of the parent units won’t turn on, you may just have drained or faulty batteries – plug in the power cable to see if it turns on. If your device only turns on when plugged into the cable, then you need to replace the battery in your device.

How to keep the VTech baby monitor screen on?

If you have a VTech monitor, look at the Sound Activation/Sleep Timer/Auto Wake Up and LCD screen off timer settings.

If you don’t want your screen to turn off automatically, switch it on. Make sure that it is not set to auto-wake but rather sleep. Set it off if you don’t want the monitor to turn off.

Why is the VTech baby monitor screen off sometimes?

Some monitors have a feature called “auto wake up.” In this feature, the monitor will turn on when it detects movement or sound. This feature can be set to 5 minutes or 15 minutes. 

It could also be that the power went out, and the monitor turned itself off when the power came back on. 

It could also be that the monitor was asleep when you turned the power back on, and the monitor woke up to see if it was on. 

The monitor may have been in sleep mode for a long time, and you didn’t realize that the monitor was still on, and that’s why the screen is off. I’m not sure why this happens. It is just how it works with VTech monitors.


A VTech baby monitor is helpful if you want to keep an eye on your child even when asleep. However, VTech baby monitors can sometimes take time to operate appropriately or show occasional bugs.

To reset the VTech parent units, unplug their power cords and press the reset button.

Thanks for reading this. I hope you enjoy it! If you have any queries, you can participate in the comment session. I will answer it in detail.

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    • Welcome! If you will face any issues related to the baby monitors mention in the comment I will share the solution. Thanks for reading and comment. ☺

  1. Hello we have Vtech pan and tilt baby monitor, and currently its turned on but trying to pair it when holding the button to pair their is no beep and nothing happens

    • Thanks for reaching out!
      Here are steps you have to follow to connect with cam.
      Let me us know after fixing it.

      Step 1. Press MENU/SELECT when the Parent Unit is not in use.
      Step 2. Press Vol+ key twice.
      Step 3. Press Talk key twice to enter menu .Pair cam will be shown.

      Step 4. Press ▼ or ▲ to choose cam to pair. then press Menu/Select ,you will hear a confrimation tone.

      The maximum number of Baby Units you can have paired to the Parent Unit is 4.

      If, after several attempts, you are unsuccessful, try resetting the Parent and Baby Unit:
      Step 1. Disconnect the power to the Baby Unit and Parent Unit.
      Step 2. Wait approximately 15 secs.
      Step 3. Reinstall the batteries and connect the power adapter to the Baby and Parent Unit.

      Step 4. Repeat the pairing steps listed above.

  2. My Vtech parent unit does not detect any Wi-Fi network, and does not it connect to the camera.
    I already reset it and in configuration / configure wifi/ I select rescan and nothing appears.
    I turn the camera on and it keeps the orange light continuous on the Led. Nothing happen
    I appreciate the help

    • Ohoo! Mostly when we reset the parent unit this issue is fixed. But in some causes, we need to look at few other things.
      Here are a few things you can consider to connect the parent unit to wifi wifi:
      1. Turn off the camera and parent unit and then reset the parent unit.
      2. Make sure you raise the antenna on the parent unit.
      3. Go close to wifi router.
      4. Check wifi strength: 1.5Mbps for 720p & 2.5Mbps for 1080p vidoe.

      Don’t forget to mention here whenever your issue will resolved.

  3. Hello! We have the vtech 5” monitor with remote access RM5766HD-2

    Camera one has always consistently worked and then camera 2 has worked but never connects to the app. Now camera 2 just completely quit connecting and ever since that happened camera 1 is acting up. Our WiFi connections are strong and very good, always have been and it’s not that far from the router so I know that’s not the issue even though it says it is. We have tried to reset the cameras and repair and it continuously fails. I even hit reset on the actual monitor and it’s still not triggering it. I’m annoyed because we are just shy of 1 year of having which means our warranty is up and I’m worried it’s down for the count. Any suggestions or final tricks before I give up? Does vtech really replace things if you send it in explaining the issue? Do they have a chat customer service? Help!!

  4. I have two RM7764-HD units (camera + parent unit).

    I would like to pair both cameras to each parent unit (since, from what I understand, RM7764-HD is sold as 1 or 2 unit product, and you should be able to add an 1 extra camera, for a maximum of 2).

    Neither parent unit has a pair option visible and holding PAIR on the cameras does nothing. Each parent unit has a different firmware/software version, which are both older than the most current version (per Vtech’s Australian support site). The one parent unit doesn’t even have an option for “Software Update” in the menu – the other has the option, but say’s it’s up to date (which I know it is not, based on the version number on the device). Nothing I do will force them to phone-home and update.

    Is there any way to get the extra camera paired to the parent unit so two cameras are visible on one parent unit? Or did VTech purposefully stop that from happening (ironically, buying two separate RM7764-HD packages versus a RM7764-2HD package is more expensive … so I don’t know why it would be blocked if I want to connect the camera).

    I’ve tried everything I can think of – even tried selecting the camera directly in the “WiFi Networks” screen, but have no clue what the secure password is for the camera to try to connect to it that way.

    • Mostly this issue does not occur. Cameras are easily connected to the parent unit. And every time new update is release you will get notification to update.
      I suggest resetting them and trying to connect again.
      If it does not work I would suggest raising a ticket and the VTech support team will help you.
      Here is the link:

  5. Hi I have a vtech model RM5762 and I’m trying to connect to the new wifi and I can’t I’m trying to reset the unit but I don’t know how there’s no reset button can you tell me please?

    • Hi! Thanks for connecting.
      You will find reset button as a hole on back site of Vtech model RM5762. You can use pin to press it. Just press and hold for 3 to 5 seconds camera will reset.
      Mention here again if your issue will fix or have any other quires.

  6. My baby unit is a set of 2 cam with the parent unit. They both have constantly being use. Like 3 days ago 1 of the cam is disconnected and not reconnecting again no matter what i tried. I did all the resets and everything including wifi and direct mode and that 1 cam is still not connecting. Keep saying connecting to baby unit 2, move baby unit closer to router. I didn’t that too and it’s still not working. At this point I give up

  7. I quite like reading through a post that can make men and women think. Also, many thanks for permitting me to comment!

  8. Vtech monitor model : VM901

    My baby unit do not connect with the parent unit. I have 10 moth using this monitor without any problem, but 5 days ago the camera simply doesn’t connect with the parent unit, and the red LED ligth of de camera is turn off all the time. I send a email to Vtech support and they gave to me 3 steps for reset de camera and parent unit, but it doesn’t work. Now i am reading this post but i cant find my model (VM901). Could you help us?.

    • Hi! Thanks for connecting.
      This guide is almost for all the VTech baby monitos models.

      Mostly this issue will fixed when we rest the parent unit.
      Try to rest both the parent unit and cameras and reconnect them.
      Here are few more tips:
      Make sure both camera and parent units are close to each other.
      Try to avoid interference with other electronics devices.
      Check the storage if it’s full then delete some data.

      If you will face same issue after apply all these methods you have to contact VTech and ask for replacement if you have warranty left otherwise ask them to help you out to fix it.


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