How To Hide Baby Monitor Camera In 2023? | 6 Effective and Easy Methods.

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How to Hide Baby Monitor Camera

A baby camera can be hidden anywhere around your house. You can put it inside a cabinet, under a bed, or even behind a picture frame. There are many different places where you can install a baby camera discreetly.

Let’s check out 6 best places to hide baby monitor cameras.

How To Hide the Baby Monitor Camera with 6 Easy Mehods.

  1. Choose High Place for the Camera.
  2. Hide It in Your Outlet.
  3. Use Photo Frame.
  4. Mask Cam Inside an Enclosure.
  5. Using a Plushie or a Soft Toy.
  6. Use an Existing Permanent Device.

1. Choose high place for the camera

To avoid crossing the baby’s vision, it’s better to use hidden baby cameras. Hidden cameras can be installed on a bookcase or the ceiling above a desk. A baby camera in this location doesn’t have to be looked at directly by people working around the room.

2. Hide it in your outlet

Baby cameras are hidden in places that people expect them to be. Baby cameras are placed in locations people typically use to plug things into the wall. You may want to put a camera near a door or window to ensure that someone doesn’t walk in without knowing about it.

3. Use photo frame

Photo frames can be used to hide baby cameras. Cameras can blend with a picture with an intricate design. Users won’t notice that there’s a camera lens if they’re looking closely. This technique is one of the best methods to hide a baby camera.

4. Mask cam inside an enclosure

You could put the baby camera into an alarm clock case to ensure you’re safe when you go to bed. It looks like any other alarm clock, but it secretly records everything you do. There’s even a remote control feature to turn the camera off remotely if necessary. This kind of camera is excellent because nannies never think to check these things.

5. Using a plushie or a soft toy

A plushie can be used as a baby camera. It appears to have eyes and a nose like those of a hidden camera. Because it is a fully functional toy, it can be used as an infant monitor or baby cam.

6. Use an existing permanent device

Baby cameras are hidden everywhere! Everyone should install them in their homes. Fire detectors are standard in houses because they detect fires before they spread out of control. A smoke detector detects activity under your roof by clicking with a baby cam.

Can the baby monitor camera be hacked?

No, but, Hackers could be dangerous if they get access to your computer or mobile device. However, most people won’t let them do anything harmful because they know how to secure their network. Your camera works fine as long as you follow these. 

Are baby camera monitors safe?

Baby monitors are not bad. You should always ensure the cord is out of reach and use them correctly. Keep an eye on your child while they sleep. But they can be dangerous if you don’t follow instructions properly.

How do I know if my baby monitor is hacked?

There are four possible signs of hacked baby monitors:

  1. No signal on the monitor.
  2. Signal is too strong or weak.
  3. Monitor doesn’t work.
  4. Monitor works but sounds weird.


Baby Cameras are helpful and used to protect children. Babies should be watched by parents using baby cameras. Place them where they can see what the child is doing, but babies won’t notice them. Hide them well and ensure they’re pointed in the right direction. A camera should be placed somewhere with a clear view and must be aimed to capture the right angles.

I hope this was helpful. Thank you!

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