How To Hide Baby Monitor Cord? – 6 Easy Ways – Full Setup Guide 2023

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How To Hide Baby Monitors Cord

According to CPSC since 2002 seven children have died and 3 nearly strangled with the device’s cords. 

Consumer Product Safety Commission and Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association launched a campaign for child’s safety to alert caretakers and parents about cord strangulation dangers.

The main message is- must keep baby monitor cords at least 3 meter away from the cribs.

CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum said.

“Children are curious, they’ll reach out if they can get it within their grasp, and that cord ends up around their neck and strangling them,” 

Let’s check how to hide the baby monitor cord in 6 simple and effective ways to save the baby from strangulation.

Here Are The 6 Easy and Effective Ways To Hide Baby Monitor Cord

  1. Under Carpets And Rugs.
  2. Picture Frames.
  3. Behind Curtains And Window Treatments.
  4. Using cord cover.
  5. Hide Behind the Couch.
  6. Run the cables inside the wall.

1. Under Rugs And Carpets

It is the most commonplace for hiding monitor cords. You can use rolled-up rugs and carpets to conceal them when your baby grows up. Carpets and rugs are great places to hide monitor cords because they’re easy to move around. 

2. In Picture Frames

Monitors’ cords can be hidden in picture frames if mounted near walls. Baby monitors are usually placed in closets for bedrooms. 

3. Behind Curtains And Window Treatments

There are good places to hide wires/cords behind curtains, blinds, etc. These items should be tucked into a corner and covered up. People won’t notice the wire/cord unless you tell them about it.

4. Using Cord Cover

Put your baby monitor cord into a tube or wrap it around the baby monitor cable. It protects the cord from being cut by sharp objects. These covers are simple but effective. You can use them to hide the cords of baby monitors.

5. Hide Behind The Couch

Put your baby monitor cord under a couch cushion or behind a piece of furniture. It will make sure nothing is blocking the cable. Also, be careful when hiding the wires because your baby might bump into them. You should put all the cables away because your child might get injured if they play with those things.

6. Run The Cables Inside The Wall

Running the cables inside the wall is the safest option because they are less likely to be cut or damaged by anyone else than if the wires were exposed. You need to drill two holes into the wall behind the baby monitor. Then you should use a fish tape to connect the wires from the baby monitor to the wall.

Pro Tips of How To Hide Baby Monitor Cord?

1. Strangulation Risk

Baby monitors should be placed somewhere away from the crib or bed. It would be best if you did not place them near the headboard or footboard or any other part of the bed frame. It could lead to death or suffocation.

2. Baby Monitor Cord Clip

Baby monitors should be used without clips or ties to hold them down. These clips may loosen up over time and cause injury to babies. Use proper monitoring devices instead. Baby monitor cord clips should be avoided. Their use may cause them to loosen after some time. It may lead to babies getting entangled in the wires.

It would help if you didn’t use regular cord clips because they cut off the power when you move them away from the wall outlet. These clips are better than nothing.

3. Safety Concerns

Safety should be taken care of when having children at home. Cords need to be tucked away before they cause any harm. There could be potential dangers if they aren’t properly stored.

4. Neatness

You must conceal your monitor cords carefully because they may interfere with decorating or posing pictures. Monitor cords should be kept out of sight.

Ensure you always put your monitor cables away when decorating your house or taking photographs. It can help prevent your monitor cables from getting tangled up and damaged.

Safety Measurements Before Hiding Baby Monitor Cords

Baby monitors must be mounted correctly to monitor your baby without any problems. Mounting a baby monitor incorrectly can cause harm to your child. Here are some things you should know about installing a baby monitor camera.

  • Don’t put the camera near your baby. Keep it at least 5 feet away. It would help if you kept the camera off while asleep or taking naps.
  • Don’t let your children near the installation area while installing the monitor.
  • Please ensure all the wires and cables are covered and secure. It would help if you used electrical or duct tape to cover the wiring.
  • You must be careful when drilling holes into walls. Do not drill too deep, or you could break through the wall and injure someone.
  • Ensure everything is OK before you mount the baby monitor on the walls.
  • You should choose an area where you can see and hear the baby properly. It means having the monitor mounted high above or behind you.

Why do you need to hide the baby monitor cord?

Baby monitors should be covered with a secure cable tie when not in use. Loose cables pose a danger to babies. So you have to baby proof electrical cords.

Where to Hide Baby Monitor Cords?

Many people use carpeting as a hiding place. Underneath the carpet is usually a spot for them to hide things. It makes sense because it will probably look underneath the rug if someone wants to see something.


A baby monitor is a great way to stay connected with your little ones. However, constantly worrying about where you place the cord can be stressful. If you don’t want to risk leaving the baby unattended or accidentally dropping the cord, you can try hiding it under furniture, behind pictures, or even inside a toy.

There are ways to hide your baby monitor cord without duct tape, bubble wrap, or other makeshift solutions. The best method would be to purchase a hidden baby monitor cord kit. These kits usually come with a plug adapter, wall plate, and a power strip that allows you to conceal the cord.

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