How To Mount Baby Monitor On Wall Without Drilling – 7 Best Methods – Full Guide

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How To Mount Baby Monitor Camera On Wall Without Drilling

We all know that a baby monitor is the best way to keep an eye on our little ones. However, like most parents, you’ve probably been frustrated that there is no way to mount a baby monitor onto the wall easily.

So what do you do? 

You have to drill holes into the wall to mount baby monitor. That’s a pain! But you can get around this problem by using effortless methods to mount baby monitors that involves nothing more than a few screws.

In this guide, I will share 7 easy methods to mount baby monitor on wall without drilling. Let’s start!

7 Best Methods On How To Mount Baby Monitor On Wall Without Drilling?

1. Adhesive Strips

The first method in our list is the adhesive strips method. In this method, you can use Command Refill Adhesive Strips to mount your baby monitor on the wall. It is effortless to install and doesn’t require any screw to drill on the wall. It is neat and clean and won’t leave an ugly mark or dent on your wall.

2. Floating Shelf

Floating shelves have made life so convenient and easy for parents who worry about their walls! They save time, need no drilling, can easily be attached to the wall, and look tidy. You can choose a universal shelf for corners.

3. Twisting Gooseneck

This method lets you easily mount the baby monitor without damaging the wall. You need to twist the iTODOS baby monitor mount around the curtain rod, desk, or furniture.

It is universal in size, so you can easily use it with popular baby monitors. The Gooseneck is designed with silicone, making it flexible and safe for use.

4. Picture Hanging Strips

Another best way to mount the baby monitor on the wall is through Command Large Picture Hanging Strips. They’re easy to use and remove, so there’s no need to worry about drilling on walls.
And the best thing about these hanging strips is that you can use them on almost any surface like wood, painted walls, laminate, painted concrete cinder blocks, tiles, and glass.

5. Tripod Stands (Best For Floor)

Using a tripod stand like NEEWER Pro Stainless Steel is a great way to mount your monitor. This stand lets you quickly adjust your monitor to any angle you want with a 10.5ft height. It holds the baby monitor firmly and securely, so you won’t need to worry about accidentally dropping it.

If you face difficulty attacking the baby monitor, you can use Twisting Gooseneck to twitch around the stand rod.

6. Clamp Mounts

A CAMVATE Camera Clamp is also the best way to mount baby monitors. You hang it on the crib, side of the desk, or bed frame. For mounting the baby monitor to crib, the side dish and bed frame, I recommend using the ARKON Camera Clamp Mount. 

7. Place The Monitor On Baby Dressing Cupboard

A fire mantle(for the kitchen) or baby dressing cupboard is another excellent way to mount a baby monitor. It is the most simple and easy method. You need to place your baby monitor on top and adjust the viewing angle.

It is the best solution for wireless baby monitors because you do not need to plug the baby monitor into an electric socket.

Pro Tips

There are several things to consider when mounting a baby monitor. You should buy a low-emissive monitor to protect your baby from high-energy radiation. Your monitor should be at least 4 feet away from the baby.

Proper viewing angle

There are several types of baby monitors available. Some have very narrow viewing angles, while others offer more options regarding how much of the room the camera covers. The Nanit offers pretty comprehensive coverage.

Modern monitors allow parents to zoom in to see babyfaces and features more closely than older models. It will enable parents to focus on what matters most – their babies’ health and development.

Away from heat or cold draughts

Put your baby monitor away from heat sources, especially air conditioning vents. You may be tempted to place it in an open window or next to a heater vent, but this could cause overheating, which can be very dangerous for babies.

Can you use Command strips to hang a baby monitor?

Yes, Command strips can be used to hang the baby monitor on the wall just like a picture frame. You must follow the instructions carefully, and you’ll get a superb result if you do everything right.


A baby monitor can easily be mounted on the wall without drilling, but you must also secure the wires during the installation. 

This guide is helpful for new parents who need to learn how to mount baby monitor on wall without drilling. For safety you should always properly hide baby monitors cords.

I hope you enjoyed your stay on this site. If you have any suggestions for mounting baby monitors without drilling, don’t forget to share them with me in the comment box. Thank You and Keep Visiting 🙂

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