How To Mount A Baby Monitor? – 7 Best and Safe Places – Complete Guide 2023

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How To Mount A Baby Monitor

Baby monitors emit radio waves that are harmful to babies’ health. The camera should be placed at least three to four feet away from the baby to ensure proper safety.

Baby monitors with night vision are helpful for parents who want to know what their babies are doing at night without having to get out of bed. Night vision cameras allow parents to see up to 15 feet away, but if the microphone isn’t positioned close enough to the baby, the parent may not be able to hear the sounds made by the baby.

You can mount your baby monitor anywhere, but if you do, you should think about whether you want to put it on the wall or your crib first. In this article, I will tell you the 7 best places to mount a baby monitor.

Let’s check them!

How To A Mount Baby Monitor In the Nursery? (7 Best Places)

Most baby monitors come with mounting directions instructing parents to attach the camera to the crib or other places. Parents can be creative by choosing different locations. Let’s check different possible locations.

  1. Using an Ultrasound.
  2. Using a Journal.
  3. Making a Crib Poster.
  4. Using a Baby Monitor. and an App on the Phone.

1. Table Mount / Flat Surface Mount

You should always put your baby monitor on a flat surface. Some monitors allow you to mount them on walls. Mounting your baby monitor on a wall is excellent if you want to watch your child while they sleep.

2. Wall Mount

Wall-mounted monitors give you a better view of what is going on inside your baby’s room. In this method, a flat surface-like shelf is attached to the wall, and baby monitors are placed or screwed on it.

Here are 3 different ways to mount baby monitors on the wall:

I) Flat Shelf on Wall Mount

Mounting your baby monitor on a wall allows you to easily adjust the camera’s angle and get a better view. You also won’t be blocked by furniture or other devices.

You may need screws to mount the baby monitor on a wall. However, a flat shelf stand will be more convenient and save space.

II) Adhesive Small Shelf Stand

You can mount a baby monitor on the wall without drilling with an adhesive shelf stand. It uses an adhesive strip to stick to a wall and works without damaging your wall. It means there won’t be any scratches or dents on your wall. Most of them carry up to 2 pounds.

III) Flat Shelf with Cable Management

Flat shelves are used for electronic devices like baby monitors. Cable management systems help organize cables and wires inside or around the room.

Instead of running the cable from your monitor to the edge of your desk or table, you put the line through a hole in the center of the shelf.

You can pick the white or black option, depending on your preference. The size depends on how big your child’s room is. Both options come with a 3.75-inch deep wood base.

3. Crib Mount

You can attach the baby monitor camera to the side of the crib. Ensure your camera is placed far away from your baby’s reach. There are 2 ways to mount baby monitor to crib.

  1. Universal Camera Holder
  2. Bendable Crib Clip

4. Baby Monitor Ceiling Mount

Most baby monitors are designed for placement on the walls and the ceiling. Baby Monitor Ceiling Mounts are usually made of hard plastic, but some are made of metal. There is an installation kit included with each baby monitor. You need to install the kit before installing the baby monitor.

5. Electricity Plug Mount

Some baby monitors are required to plug directly into the wall socket. You can use an adhesive shelf for these monitors to mount or screw your baby monitor near the electric wall socket. For baby safety, you have to baby proof electric cords.

6. Corner Mount

Corner shelves are ideal for holding baby monitors. They work well with most brands of baby monitors. Baby monitors should be placed on shelves or racks.

The VuSee Baby Monitor Shelf holds up to 2 pounds and comes in various colors. It has a built-in microphone, speaker, night vision, and motion sensors. It also has an alarm system that connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet. It’s easy to install, and it’ll last for years.

7. Proper Viewing Angle

Placing your baby monitor in the room should be done carefully. Your objective is to get a clear picture of your baby lying down sleeping – not a video of you standing before him.

Remotely control the view angle of the baby monitor by using the zoom function. This feature is handy when you must watch over your baby while sleeping.

4 Types Of Baby Monitor Holders

When I bought my first baby monitor holder, I was too lazy to carry the monitor around or drop it off while moving around. Now, I always carry it along with me. I love having my monitor near, as I am sure to hear a cry if there is any problem with my child.

Here is the baby monitor holder you can get and why they are helpful.

1. Baby Monitor Camera Stand

The baby monitor camera stand will hold the camera in place and keep the camera in the same position while you’re away. These stands are great for mounting a baby monitor on a shelf or charging stations.

2. Flexible Tripod For Baby Monitors

Tripods are valuable tools to hold the baby camera steady. It is valid for both babies and mothers. Flexible legs are perfect for wrapping around objects. Using a flexible tripod mother can install this camera on a baby monitor or a door frame.

3. Universal Baby Monitor Mount

Universal mounts are flexible arms with a flexible joint that allow you to move your baby monitor around without holding it up. An adjustable arm with a clip will enable you to stick it anywhere you want. It is perfect for attaching your monitor to different surfaces, such as walls or ceilings.

4. Baby Monitor Mount Kit

Mount kits are shelves designed for babies. They’re made to be mounted to surfaces like walls, ceilings, or library sides.

Health And Safety Check Before Mounting A Baby Monitor

Baby monitors should be placed at least six feet away from children, and radio-video camera systems should be set at least eighteen inches away from people. These recommendations help ensure the safe use of baby monitors and other similar devices.

A study found that monitors placed less than three feet away from a baby’s crib emitted radio waves similar to those produced by cell phones located more than five hundred feet from a child’s bed. Don’t leave your baby monitor unattended when plugged into an outlet!

Where Should You NOT Mount Baby Monitor Camera?

Baby monitors should be kept away from baby cribs. There are several reports of infant strangulations caused by baby monitor cords. Infants use them as toys to play with the cords, which could result in strangulation. So you have to hide baby monitor cords properly.

For safety, avoid putting toys with any string or cords inside or on the edges of your baby’s crib.

How To Mount the Baby Monitor On A Wall?

Most of the baby monitors I reviewed came with wall mounting elements. You’ll find this information in the manual or online. Some models don’t include wall mounting hardware, but you can purchase it separately if needed.

There are five steps to wall-mounting a baby monitor:

  1. Test the viewing angle and sound. Make sure you test the viewing angle and sound by asking someone to hold the baby monitor so they can look at the screen and listen for sounds from the baby’s room.
  2. Mark where you’ll need screws: most baby monitors will give you a handy sheet showing where to put the screws for your monitor stand.
  3. Drilling holes in your walls is usually the best location in a corner close to your ceiling.
  4. Screw the baby monitor into the wall using the included screw; no tools are needed.
  5. Attach the monitor base to the stand: this is usually an attachment mechanism.

How Far Away Should You Place The Baby Monitor?

Baby monitors should be kept away from your baby’s sleeping areas. Put them safely out of reach but close enough, so you see if anything happens. The recommended distance between baby and monitor is minimum 3 meters. 


You should call your doctor immediately if your baby isn’t moving as much as it should be. Your doctor will give you more information about how to manage this situation?

Never hesitate to ask about pregnancy complications because you might need help.

Thanks for your visit! I hope this detailed guide about how to monitor baby movements was helpful for you!

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