How To Use Alexa As Baby Monitor in 2023? | Alexa Echo Spot and Alexa Show

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How To Use Alexa As Baby Monitor

With the Alexa Calling feature, you can use an Amazon Echo (Echo Spot, Dot, or Show) and your smartphone as a baby monitor. It’s a simple procedure, whether you plan to do so full time, at a friend’s house, or in a nap emergency.

Let’s check it in detail!

What you required to use Alexa as a Baby monitor?

  • An Echo Show or Echo Spot.  
  • Your smartphone with the Alexa app installed.
  • Alexa allows calling.
  • If you enable drop-in, you’re less likely to lose connection.

How to Set up Alexa As a Baby Monitor?

Turn down the volume on your baby monitor so that you don’t wake up the baby when you connect. If you have to reconnect later, you won’t hear a loud bell when you connect.

Drop in another Echo or your phone, make a call on both devices, and answer it in another room.

You can leave the connection open when the baby is sleeping and end the call when the baby wakes up.

In case you own it, you can also use Echo Spot or Echo Show as a video baby monitor.

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Parents should stop monitoring their babies after a year because there isn’t much more information to gain.

Which Echo Show Should I Utilize as a Baby Monitor?

There are many different models of the Echo Show. You may want to consider the extent to which you’d like your Echo Show to help you.

If you want to see your baby’s audio and video feed, the second-generation Echo Show is a good choice because it is an updated model and works with most other devices. It allows you to choose between the three options listed here.

Are there any Safety Problems in utilizing an Echo Show as a Baby Monitor?

To ensure the safety and security of your child when using the device, you will want it to be hack-proof. As long as you follow a few basic rules, there shouldn’t be any safety concerns when monitoring your child with an Amazon Echo Show. 

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