How To Get Baby To Sleep Without Pacifier In 2023? – 6 Easy Ways

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How to get baby to sleep without pacifier

You know that getting a baby to sleep without a pacifier is challenging as a parent. There’s no denying it. In this guide, I will explain how to get baby to sleep without pacifier and how to avoid all the common mistakes parents make. I will also discuss how to survive nighttime without a pacifier, when to stop using the pacifier, and a couple of FAQs.

How to get baby to sleep without pacifier in 6 easy ways?

You’ve probably decided to stop using a pacifier for your baby at bedtime. Here are the 6 easy ways you can try to help your baby to sleep without pacifier.

1. Limit daytime pacifier use

Limit a pacifier daily and involve your baby in any healthy activity. If your child refuses to give up the pacifier, you could try encouraging them every time they offer it to you by praising them for it. 

2. Remove pacifier after baby sleep

The best practice to train your baby to sleep without pacifier is to remove it after the baby sleeps. If the baby wakes up, turn on the pacifier. Initially, it’s hard for the baby to wake up, but after regular practice, they will easily sleep without a pacifier.

3. Offer praise and rewards

An excellent way to motivate children is to have a rewards chart. It will help many children face the milestone with optimism. If you want to try this, you can create a chart to track your child’s pacifier use. You can reward them with a sticker or a small gift for a few days. You can also chart how long you should keep the pacifier on. Remove the pacifier when they fall asleep.

4. Involve your child

As with many other decisions in life, it’s helpful to involve your child in the decision to stop the pacifier. Many of your children might not want a pacifier. You can decide for them, but make sure they know how to tell you to stop the pacifier when they’re done with it.

5. Try sleep training

When parents are ready to take the next step with their baby’s sleep training, this is a great time to brush up on different methods of getting their babies to sleep without a pacifier.

6. Take it slow

If you gradually reduce pacifier use, you can make the changeover smooth. Try to reduce pacifier time slowly daily.

Is it possible to survive night time without a pacifier?

Sleep without a pacifier during the first week of sleep training can be difficult for a child. Babies often take longer than we think to fall asleep. They might feel comfortable falling asleep in your arms.

As long as you follow the Ferber method for sleep training, you don’t need to worry that the first week is hard on your baby. You can plan by having your child’s pacifier removed after the first week. If your baby is feeling ill or has an ear infection, it may be best to avoid weaning.

What is the right age to stop a baby from sleeping with a pacifier?

It becomes a parent’s preference once the child is six months old. Here are a few things that should be kept in mind.

  • If you are worried about otitis media or bacterial infections, you may want to take your baby out of the pacifier between 10 and 24 months.
  • Baby needs to use a pacifier, but if your baby’s emotional needs call for more extended use, there are no serious risks associated with using a pacifier after three years.
  • The best age to get rid of the pacifier is to stop using it by around 1 to 3 years.

Some babies will give up their pacifiers sooner than others. Pick emotional signals that your child is ready to take on. There are a few signs of this.

  • Your baby will sleep through the night without waking.
  • Babies may chew on the pacifiers.
  • Your baby is chewing a pacifier and creating holes.

How long does it take for a baby to stop having a pacifier?

The answer is, “It depends on the baby.” Some babies easily wean from a pacifier, while others need more help. Here’s what you can expect:

  • One or two weeks: Breastfed babies will often forget about their pacifiers during the first few days of life.
  • Two weeks to four weeks: A baby who isn’t breastfed needs to be weaned from the pacifier in the second week of life.
  • Four to six weeks: If your baby is still breastfeeding, it will probably be another four weeks before they can handle a pacifier without one.

Six to eight weeks: If you have a baby who isn’t breastfeeding, your baby will likely need to wean from a pacifier in the sixth week of life.

Does it make sense to sleep without a pacifier?

It’s completely safe to sleep without a pacifier. The key to getting your baby to sleep without one is to put them down awake. It’s always better to put a baby down asleep than sharp, so you can get them to fall asleep on their own.

Which one is better pacifier or thumb?

If you’re having trouble with drool, a pacifier may be better for you than a thumb because it causes less risk of teeth movement. The baby’s skin may get infected with the thumb, and the baby will remain safe in the case of a pacifier.

Does cutting the pacifier work?

Cutting the pacifier’s tip is known as the “cutting” method, which eventually leads to the child throwing the pacifier together. Some parents find success with the cutting method for many years.


When you’re trying to get baby to sleep without pacifier, it’s essential to establish a good sleeping routine and avoid interruptions during the night. You will initially face some problems, but with time, your baby will pick up a sleep routine and easily sleep without a pacifier.

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