How To Reset Summer Baby Monitor In 2023? | Full Setup Guide

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How to reset Summer baby monitor

If your summer baby monitor keeps shutting off or rebooting, it might be time for a reset. In this article, I explain how to reset the summer baby monitor easily. If you properly sync Summer Baby Monitor you will not face any issues.

You can reset the summer baby monitor with a reset button on the bottom of the monitor. Press and hold the button until you see the LED flash and turn it off.

Where Is The Reset Button On The Summer Baby Monitor?

Mostly the reset button of the summer baby monitor is at the bottom of the monitor. In a few models, you can find a reset button on the back side in the form of a hole.

How Can I Improve My Summer Baby Monitor Signal?

Discontinuing the use of other 2.45 GHz wireless products will help improve the reception. You can change the monitor’s or camera’s position to achieve better reception.

Why Does My Summer Baby Monitor Keep Turning Off?

Remove the battery from the monitor and use the charger instead. If this still happens, there’s something wrong with the monitor/battery combination. If not, then you’ll need a new battery for the monitor.

How To Fix The Summer Baby Monitor Sound Issue?

Turn off the handheld unit, then remove the battery. Re-insert the battery and turn on the handheld unit. Rebooting the handheld units can also resolve sound issues, such as feedback.

Why Does My Summer Baby Monitor Beep?

If the handheld unit beeps to indicate a low battery, turn it off, remove the batteries, replace them, and power it back on again. Restarting the handheld device may resolve issues such as audio difficulties, including feedback.

What Is Vox On The Summer Baby Monitor?

With the Voice Activated Alert (VOX) feature, you can conserve power on the video screen by turning it off when your baby is asleep and turning it back on when they wake up. You can adjust the VOX sensitivity level, so the camera turns on when your child cries.


The summer baby monitor is a simple yet reliable product, you may need to provide additional lighting when using the summer baby monitor, but the price is reasonable. Resetting it to function correctly is easy. 

After reading this guide on how to reset summer baby monitor, hopefully, now you will efficiently resolve reset, beeping, and sound issues. Leave your thoughts in the comments session. Thank You!

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